Józef Barnaś Charge, spin and heat transport through quantum dots
Paweł Błasiak Combinatorics of Creation-Annihilation
Dariusz Chruściński Spectral conditions for entanglement witnesses
Jerzy Dajka Asymmetric dephasing channels: fidelity and geometric phase
Gerard H. E. Duchamp Deformation theory of Hopf Algebras appearing in Combinatorial Physics
Bernd Fiedler Self-adjoint symmetry operators connected with the Heisenberg ring
Jean-Pierre Gazeau Coherent states in Quantum Information: an example of experimental manipulation
Paweł Horodecki Quantum communcation - selected phenomena and open problems
Michał Inglot Induced magnetic moment in graphene with an impurity
Dorota Jakubczyk Algebraic BA (ABA) for $N=4$
Paweł Jakubczyk Fourier and Schur-Weyl transforms applied to XXX Heisenberg magnet
Andrzej Jamiołkowski Frames in quantum optics
Czesław Jasiukiewicz Auxetic properties of polycrystals
Jacek Karwowski Separable N-particle Hookean models
Agnieszka Kuna Symmetry analysis in the investigation of magnetic and structural phase transitions in hydrides $LiBH_{4}$ type compounds
Marian Kuźma Quasi-two dimensional ferromagnetic fluctuations in $Cr_{2} Te_{3}$
David M. Lee Probing the Big Bang at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider
Andrea Lehmann-Szweykowska Soliton theory of incommensurate phases in $LiCsSO_{4} (LCS)$ crystals
James D. Louck Permutation matrices and Young operators as inner product spaces
Tadeusz Lulek Magnonic qudit and algebraic Bethe Ansatz
Mirosław Łabuz Bethe Ansatz solutions for two qudits
Klaudiusz Majchrowski Photo-galvanic effect in asymmetric quantum wells
Jan Milewski Hodge structures in topological quantum mechanics
Anna Okopińska Correlation and entanglement measures in trapped few-particle systems
Antoni Paja Electron transport in disordered mettalic nanosystems
Marta Pelc The Physics Of Carbon Nanotube Interfaces
Andrzej Radosz New type of phase transformation in lattice systems - asymmetry driven phase transition
Gniewomir Sarbicki Optimality of entanglement witnesses - general formualtion
Wiesława Sikora Symmetry analysis in parametrisations of complex systems
Ryszard Stagraczyński Particle-hole symmetry in algebraic Bethe Ansatz for the XXX model
Marek Szopa Orbital and spin qubits in carbon nanotubes
Ryszard Tanaś Entanglement sudden birth and death of two qubits in a thermal reservoir
Andreas Theophilou Symmetry preserving and improved energy states derived from asymmetric Hartree-Fock
Stanisław Topolewicz Constants of Motion for XXX Heisenberg Chain
Iris Theophilou Dissociation energies for small molecules from symmetry projected HF methods
Vitor R. Vieira Quantum Information and Phase Transitions: Fidelity and State Distinguishability
Apostol Vourdas Factorization of Bargmann functions
Andrzej Wal Construction of bases for a system of Bloch electrons in a quantised magnetic field
Ryszard Wojciechowski Local and Nonlocal Andreev Reflections in Multiterminal Junctions
Arkadiusz Wójs Search for electron liquids with non-Abelian quasiparticles
Josuha Zak Symmetry in finite phase plane
Jarosław Zaremba Propagation and storing of light in optically modified atomic media
Elżbieta Zipper Entanglement of remotely located matter qubits
Karol Życzkowski Product numerical range: an algebraic tool for quantum theory of composed systems
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