The tentative list of lectures:

K. Audenaert On maximal output purity of completely positive qubit maps
J. Barnaś Spin and charge transport through quantum dots and molecules
M. Barone Symmetry and Symmetry breaking in Modern Physics
M. Bylicki From bound to quasistationary states
W. J. Caspers Degeneracies of eigenvalues of hermitean matrices
A. Ceulemans The symmetries of a finite point-group degeneracy
H. Cheballah Coefficients of the normal ordering, approximate substitutions and combinatorial vector fields
D. Chruściński Quantum Entanglement and Symmetry
A. Chuchmała Far-infrared laser action from parabollic quantum dots matrix
J. Dajka Magnetic flux in mesoscopic rings: Quantum Smoluchowski regime
J. Domin Vibronic analysis of D1Delta state in 13CO
G. H. E. Duchamp Many Hopf algebras of combinatorial Physics are free : applications to explicit computations
V. Dugaev Anomalous Hall effect and Berry phase in a two-dimensional magnetic structures
B. Fiedler Symmetry classes connected with the magnetic Heisenberg ring
A. Góźdź Projection evolution and dealyed choice experiments
D. Jakubczyk The role of Robinson-Schensted and Kerov-Kirillov-Reshetikhin bijections in Bethe Ansatz
P. Jakubczyk Construction of Kostka matrix at the level of basis
Cz. Jasiukiewicz Phonon-Drag Images of GaAs and AlAs Quantum Wells
J. Karwowski Few-particle systems: Quasi-exactly solvable models
R. King Hopf algebras and characters of classical groups
M. Kuś Quantifying and measuring quantum entanglement
M. Kuźma Ferromagnetic resonance in CdCrTe diluted magnetic semiconductor
A. Lehman-Szweykowska A Model of Spin-Polarised Charge Transport in Magnetic Oxides
E. Lijnen Solving the particle in a polygonal box
J. Louck Properties of Clebsch-Gordan Numbers
T. Lulek Bethe Ansatz, quantum computers, and unitary geometry
M. Łabuz Degeneracy of spectrum of XXX model in the three-magnon sector at the centre of the Brillouin zone
J. McCabe Structure Constant of the Yang-Lee Edge Singularity
M. Mendez q and (p,q)-analogs of the generalized Stirlin numbers
J. Milewski A Fibration of the Hipecubic Lattice in Bethe—Ansatz
C. Munoz Spin-orbit effects in 2D-structures
R. Olchawa The band structure of two-magnon excitations for a finite 2D lattice
T. Paszkiewicz Elastic properties of cubic crystals: Every's versus Blackman's diagram
A. Radosz Schwarzschild geometry and Doppler effect
G. Sarbicki Spectral properties of entanglement witnesses
W. Sikora Symmetry analysis in the investigations of complex metallic alloys
J. Styszyński Atoms and molecules in relativistic quantum mechanics
T. Sudbery Bell's Pretty Polytopes
M. Sznajder Possibilities of the Elementary Energy Bands Concept to determine characteristics of crystals and ordered structures
M. Szopa Persistent currents in distorted mesoscopic rings
A. Theophilou Approximate spin symmetries in single determinantal approaches of many electron systems
I. Tralle Exact solution of some boundary value problems for the complexified nonlinear Poisson equation
M. Tytus Differences between photoluminescence spectra of type-I and type-II quantum dots
A. Vourdas Galois quantum systems
A. Wal The magnetic translation group for finite a system and the Born - Karman boundary condition
A. Wójs Second generation of incompressible quantum liquids in the fractional quantum Hall effect
T. Wydro Excitation Spectrum at the Yang-Lee Edge Singularity of the 2D Ising model with boundaries
K. I.Wysokiński Conductance and thermopower of quantum dot connected to normal or superconducting leads
V. Yukalov Entanglement production with Bose atoms in optical lattices
J. Zak Designing Energy Spectra in Finite Phase Plane
E. Zipper Entanglement of distant flux qubits via swapping

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